shea strategic partners specializes in:

new customer acquisition - b2b, retail, subscription model & nonprofit donors

identifying and opening up new markets - demographic and geographic

creation and implementation of targeted sales / marketing strategies & tactics - including sponsorship sales, management and activation

client management / relationship & account development

identification and capitalization on client's most marketable assets

identification of buyer motivation (consumer, b2b, nonprofit) and customized sales approach

developing new revenue streams & sources

project funding

resource acquisition

business brand messaging & packaging

forming of partnerships and alliances to increase revenue, reduce operating expenses and increase brand awareness

event development - creation and execution of brand building / client connecting events

client representation - public relations / advocacy, contract negotiation, vendor & agency management

connecting clients with appropriate branding partnerships, alliances and sponsorships

integration of new technologies into existing business models and strategies

creative project management - print, video, animation, web / digital (concepting > completion)

utilization of strategies and best practices learned from an extensive range of industries to the next